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About the Author

Starting with Editor’s Corner exercises in his third-grade class, Jeff Goodman has long found joy in the magic of the written word. Drawn to the world of children’s literature for its creativity, levity, and unique ability to impart life lessons, Jeff published his first book, Feel Like Eggs?, to promote social-emotional learning and growth.


An author by night, Jeff has used his writing and editing skills throughout his award-winning careers in journalism and communications. His writing has appeared in numerous print and online media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, the Santa Monica Daily Press, the Oregonian, and the Portland Tribune. Jeff holds a bachelor’s in political science from UC Berkeley, where he also served as sports editor of the Daily Californian student newspaper.


Jeff lives in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised, with his wife and children. He enjoys playing basketball, going to the beach, doing crossword puzzles, photography, baking, and spending time with his three brothers. With a passion for education, Jeff also loves volunteering for Reading to Kids, a Los Angeles-area nonprofit organization that champions childhood literacy through monthly reading clubs with elementary school students.

To connect with Jeff, click here.

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