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On #SELday, a commitment to children's social-emotional health

You've heard it (and probably asked it) hundreds of times: "How are you?" It's a simple question, a pleasantry exchanged, but it's so common that it often loses its meaning. Indeed, the responses are practically robotic: "Good." "Fine." "Great, and you?"

Imagine if, instead, we all asked "How are you feeling?" And imagine if we all answered that question honestly.

Feelings can be difficult to share — it can be uncomfortable to express them, to feel vulnerable, or to think we are burdening others with emotions. But sharing feelings builds stronger relationships, promotes empathy and respect, and helps us all realize the humanity that unites us.

Today is #SELday, an international initiative of the Social-Emotional Learning Alliance for the United States to promote social-emotional learning in homes, schools, and communities. Let's rally to support social-emotional health in and out of the classroom. I, for one, am egg-cited to participate in this effort!


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